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Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse
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Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse

G602 breaks all the wireless gaming rules
G602 redefines the laws of wireless gaming, with up to 250 hours of gaming battery life. From the pinpoint accuracy of exclusive Delta Zero sensor technology to high durability primary switches to 11 programmable controls, G602 offers true gaming performance. Count on G602 to dominate boss after boss.

Enduring Battery Life: 15× longer battery life
With up to 250 hours of battery life, G602 sticks by you through game after game. Instead of the typical formula estimate for battery life, G602 was spun on a turntable until the batteries gave out. That is over 15 times better than the most popular competitor. Two AA batteries delivered 250 hours of non-stop tracking. G602 will operate with one battery if you prefer a lighter mouse.

Wireless Gaming Technology: 4× faster wireless
The nano receiver communicates wirelessly to both the mouse and over the USB at 500 reports per second. A dedicated USB receiver means the G602 used the entire bandwidth for gaming-grade, low-latency performance. This is four times faster than the fastest Bluetooth mouse. Wireless speed and sophisticated algorithms allows uninterrupted game play with G602.

11 Programmable Controls: Great results with default or custom settings
Great results are possible right out of the box with the default configuration. To make it your own, reassign any of the 11 programmable buttons for a customer experience. Custom settings can include one-button triggers, easy push-to-talk communication, or temporary DPI down-shift for snipping. To reassign a game command or multi-command macro, download Logitech Gaming Software (LGS).

Superior Sensor Technology: 2 m/s tracking and 20 GS acceleration
Track hand movements up to 2 meters per second and accelerate up to 20 Gs with Logitech Delta Zero technology. G602 delivers superior tracking precision, accuracy and consistency. Angle-snap free, your smallest aim adjustments are correctly translated onto your target.

In-Game Sensitivity Switching: DPI, larger doesn’t necessarily mean better
DPI is not a measure of precision or accuracy, but on-screen curser movement relative to mouse movement. When G602 is set to 2,500 DPI, you can move from the left to the right side of a 1080p monitor with a 2 cm mouse movement. 2,500 DPI is fast; most professional FPS gamers use much lower settings, in a range of 400 to 800 DPI, to improve their aim.

Performance and Endurance Modes: The right mode for the job at hand
G602 offers two distinct operating modes—Performance and Endurance. Performance mode gives you up to 250 hours of battery life without losing any gaming-grade capabilities. When not gaming, use Endurance mode to extend the battery life for up to an impressive 1,440 hours. The mode indicator on top of the mouse reminds you of the active mode—blue for Performance, green for Endurance and blinking cyan when the power finally runs low.

Intuitive, Comfortable Design: Good looks are not enough
Be the last gamer standing with G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse. Its naturally-shaped, slip-resistant grip is designed for maximum comfort over hours of use. DPI shift controls are in easy reach of your index finger. Easily identify the six individually sculpted side buttons by touch.


Article no.910-003820
TrackingResolution: 250–2,500 dpi
Max. acceleration: >20 G
Max. speed: up to 2 m/s (80 ips)
ResponsivenessUSB data format: 16 bits/axis
USB report rate: Up to 500 reports/s
GlideDynamic coefficient of friction: .09 Mu (s)
Static coefficient of friction: .14 Mu (s)
DurabilityButtons (left/right): 20 million clicks
Feet: 250 km
Battery lifePerformance mode: up to 250 hours
Endurance mode: up to 1,440 hours
Wireless range3 m
Dimensions44 × 83 × 139 mm (1.73 × 3.27 × 5.47 in.)
WeightWeight 107 g (3.77 oz)

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