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Yves Saint Laurent Opium 100ml EDT
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Yves Saint Laurent Opium 100ml Eau de Toilette

Eau de Toilette
An absolute of sensuality combining the freshness of the essence with the depth of the spicy and woody tones. The sweet and subtle rush of Vanilla allows the mystery of its origin to persist while the deep aroma of Blackberry awakens like an elixir of life. The fire of the spices takes off in a vibrant harmony with passionate notes and fades before the noblesse of oriental woods, symbols of strength, greatness and immortality. An Oriental fragrance with woody and spicy notes.


Top notes
Black currant and star anise

Heart notes
Galanga and pepper

Base notes
Atlas cedar and bourbon vanilla

General Information:

Type Eau de Toilette
Volume100 ml
ScentOriental spicy
CharacterBright, warm, stimulating
Year of introduction1995
CreatorsFirmenich, Jacques Cavallier

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